Marriott hotel group has just risen to become the largest hotel group in the world after acquiring Starwood in 2017. When full acquisition happened last year, Marriott were left with a significant challenge. How to revive and refresh brands that had long laid neglected in the Starwood portfolio. Rebuilding and rebranding all of the 9 acquired hotel brands with immediacy is not feasible. Marriott wanted a solution to create awareness and to start to generate a fresh perspective on their Sheraton brand with out immediately rolling out multi million dollar refurbishments.



A radical idea was required that was very “Non” Sheraton to begin to shake the market perception. A pre Christmas restaurant pop up was proposed with a significant difference. It encouraged guests to think with a whole new perspective, to see things in a new way. Just as they would see the new brand roll out of the Sheraton hotel. So we devised the proposition:


The campaign was a huge success amongst guests. The pop up was originally scheduled to be open for two weeks. After the opening, it was booked out within days, and the pop up was extended to two months.

But that is only part of the success story. The spread was significant, fast and international. Published in over 40 plus different magazines and online such as Harpers, Tatler, New Straits Times, Esquire the Australian Design Review and Lonely Planet. On social media one Instagram post alone received 30k likes. The project was featured on prime time Malaysian TV show , PM Live on Astro Ria.

From a creative perspective this project has been reviewed glowingly by Campaign Brief, The Australian Design Review, Blue Print Magazine, Indesign. This project is currently short listed for the INDY awards Asia Pac as well as the A’Design awards Italy.